Novasol Africa (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg based export procurement and logistics support business offering mainly agri-businesses, engineering, electrical and building contractors a one-stop source of materials, equipment, spares, packaging, etc.

Our customers are typically located in remote parts of Southern, Central and West Africa, where local access to these organisations’ typical operational requisites are at best scarce and expensive, but more often, simply not available.

The company was originally established as Owl Agencies & Consultants in 1986. It focused on the Botswana market, with expertise in timber, boards and doors. The company has since undergone two major reorganisations; in 2006 with the formation of Southern Owl Logistics or Sol Trading as we were known then, and then in 2014 the Botswana hardware and builders merchant-focused business was bought out by a competitor.

The remaining procurement and load consolidation business was reconstituted as Novasol Africa (Pty) Ltd.